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Text Message Solutions in an online SMS service that can help bring your text message marketing campaigns to the next level.


With out partner company, Text-Calibur, we guarantee  a solution to all your text message marketing needs. 
Send out mass texts to your audiences, or create one-on-one conversations with your customers.
Whether it’s giving a customer a reminder or scheduling a text in advance, you can set up texts to go out anyday, anytime.
With our SMS service being made with the customer in mind, you can use our tools to bring your greatest SMS marketinf dreams to life.

With our API integration, set up lead generation to your website and generate leads on social media advertisement(x)

With out team of SMS experts, we can help you devise a marketing plan that fits your needs.

With the cheap cost of $.005 per message, you can send your SMS messages out at an affordable price.
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